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Your partner in a r-evolutionary path

Evodevo provides cutting edge solutions and valued added services for Government Agencies and Enterprises eager to unleash the true power of their data and their knowledge

Evodevo supports the clients along a complete, well established “r-evolutionary path”, in order to actually boost the decision process and the company performance, at every level.

Tough challenges requires elegant solutions: Evodevo moves smoothly from Semantic Technologies to Business Intelligence, from Data Mining to Decision Support Systems (DSS), with a distinctive focus on Corporate Ethics and CSR

    • We use data to improve performances
    • Reading data, documents and the web, we understand the real needs
    • We can use all the data to extract knowledge useful to create and optimise services 
    • We can help you to understand your customers
    • We can explain you the effects of your activities
    • We can explain you the opportunities and the problems behind your domain
    • We use Corporate Social Responsibility to improve your brand and to offer better solutions
    • We study people behaviour and social dynamics from a sociological point of view  to take better grounded actions
    • Evodevo takes regularly  part in National and International research funded projects
    • Evodevo supports its customers to innovate and create intellectual properties (IPs)
    • It helps to assess the economical and technical value of existing or new IPs


    We are partner with the most important data companies

    Using the products of our partner, we offer:

    Licence reselling

      • Planning of introduction of products and data analysis in a company/agency
      • Setup: product installation and configuration
      • Prototyping and proof of concept
      • Development
      • Collection of useful new data to integrate with that of the customer 
      • Data warehouse management
      • Data mining development
      • GIS and geographical analysis development

    We want to offer you high quality services applying international standards and offering you a total transparence.

    This is the reason why we have got ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certification,  demonstrating Evodevo’s compliance with quality management principles, with this scope: Design, development, production and sales of software systems. Information Technology consulting, professional services and research activities. Design, development and processing of Open Data and Linked Open Data processing.

    We are the only company in Italy and Europe (and perhaps in all the World) certified for Open Data publication and reuse.

    We will continue to strive for best practices and meet our quality objectives.

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Product Quality
    • Timely Delivery of Services
    • Process Quality
    • Continual Improvement






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