Specialized Courses in Tableau and Salesforce

Mastering Industry Tools for Data-Driven Success

Customized Training in AI and Innovation Management

Tailored Learning for Cutting-Edge Innovation

E-Learning Platform

Active Participation in Erasmus+ European Projects with our E-Learning Platform


We offer training in the most imporant Industry Tools for Data-Driven Success  

Tableau is a powerful tool enabling data analysis and discovery. Its user-friendly design allows anyone to utilize it post-training.

Salesforce, the leading CRM, aggregates data from all your customer interactions. Our courses equip you and your organization with optimal strategies.

Comprehensive training programs in Tableau and Salesforce

Comprehensive training programs in Tableau and Salesforce from beginner to advanced, and with special course in data journalism, open data and whatever you want!

Training on the job

Hands-on sessions to ensure practical understanding. We can train you in your environment

Continuous Learning

Access to resources for continued learning, through short session on what you need more. We can show you how to solve complex problems, training you to be self-sufficient

We have a strong Background in Business and University Training


Evodevo offers personalized training in AI and innovation management, including open innovation, equipping you with the knowledge to drive forward-thinking strategies

AI Training

Customized courses in AI, Machine Learning and Generative AI, including how to use ChatGPT and similar tools to work better

Open Innovation

Special sessions on open innovation and its implementation. We can carry on workshop in your organization for specific topics

From Training to Success

Post-training support to ensure effective application of learned concepts. Workshop and Webinars tailored to your needs

Harness the Power of AI with Evodevo. Your Partner in Digital Evolution


Empowering Learning Through European Projects and Digital Platforms

European Projects

Active involvement in European educational reserch projects like Erasmus+. We reuse the new born state-of-art methodologies and techniques for our customers.

E-Learning Platform

We own an e-learning platform and use it for effective and flexible learning for our students

Advanced Contents

Opportunity for customers to leverage our e-learning platform


Project JOULE

If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to explore further, just ask us! We’re here to help