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We live in a world of data,
products from us or collected for us by all the contacts we have with the Web and
the world of IoT sensors.

In our companies we collect a huge amount of data: about our customers, our products, sales, contacts coming form the social networks or through salespeople, requests for action, our employees, suppliers or from a thousand other sources of information.

But are we benefiting? Or is someone doing it for us?

Tableau allows to analyze data using a data discovery methodology, their analysis (data analysis) also using powerful advanced techniques (advanced analytics).

With one difference: Tableau provides these possibilities to everyone: technicians, managers, marketing experts or human resources experts.

Make your organization  better using data intelligence

Tableau Products

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop

Create your own analytics by connecting to your data, on your computer, with maximum efficiency.

In a few minutes, you can switch from the idea to the graphics, and then continue with new ideas and new analyses


Tableau Server

Tableau Server allows you to securely publish analytics on the web. Your colleagues, partners, customers, will be able to access the dashboards that you have set up for them.

For the selected users you have enabled, it will also be possible to create and edit existing analysis on the web, without installing any software.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online

It has the same features as the Tableau Server, but with servers in the Cloud managed by Tableau.

You save the costs and effort of managing servers, updates, backups.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep

Combine, prepare and organize the data for your analysis.

Tableau Prep is useful when there is a lot of data on which to perform complex tasks. The visual approach makes everything very simple.

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Evodevo is an innovative SME and always with its innovation managers helps companies and public administrations to be more innovative with data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Whether you are a small business, a large multinational, a local or central government, Evodevo can help you in all processes related to data and data-driven management with its countless experience in large integration and analysis projects



If you want to improve your organization with a data-based approach, if you want to better understand how data discovery and data analysis can be useful to you, Evodevo can help you in the collection of requirements and in the design of the most useful actions



Do you want to start a data-driven culture process? Do you need a pilot project? Do you have a complex idea of data integration and analysis? Evodevo is a Tableau Services Partner and can offer you all the support you need



Tableau allows people to be autonomous in data analysis, but with initial training it is easier to get started. Evodevo supports you in this and in advanced training, including managerial

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If you need help to better understand what Tableau can do, to choose your licenses, to manage a project with our services, or to receive training, please contact us. 

Evodevo will support you at every stage of your project.