Saline in Tunisia: Progetto MedartSal

Scritto da Stefano De Luca

4 September 2023

We worked on behalf of the Tuniso-Italian Chamber of Commerce on the MedArtSal project for the creation of a data warehouse, data analysis and infographics related to the Tunisian salt pans.

The data were collected by the University of Sfax, the high school of engineering of Sfax and the Tunisian association ACG Generations.

The advantages of the project

The MedArtSal project has many advantages, some made possible by our work. Let’s see below what they are.

  1. Collaboration and Unity: Funded by the European Union, this research project primarily aims to create a network between Tunisian salt flats and those in Europe, fostering collaboration and the exchange of information and expertise between the two continents.
  2. Promotion of the Cosmetic Industry: By gathering specific data on species present in the salt flats, such as algae, the project offers invaluable insights for those in the cosmetic industry. This information can guide the development of new and innovative products and treatments.
  3. Enhancing Cultural Tourism: With detailed information about the unique birds of the salt flats, tour operators now have the opportunity to craft specific itineraries and travel packages. This not only promotes bird-watching tourism but also cultural tourism, offering visitors a unique and educational experience.
  4. Conservation and Monitoring of Biodiversity: The project aids in a better understanding of the biodiversity of the salt flats, allowing for continuous monitoring and timely intervention in case of ecosystem changes.
  5. Awareness and Education: The infographics and species images serve as powerful educational tools. By informing the public about the importance of the salt flats, the project raises awareness about the need to protect these delicate ecosystems.
  6. Use of Advanced Technologies: The utilization of tools like Tableau ensures an accurate and accessible representation of information, beneficial for both industry experts and the general public.
  7. Sustainable Development: With a deeper understanding of the salt flats and the species that inhabit them, informed decisions can be made, ensuring sustainable management of these precious areas.

In conclusion, this project not only represents a significant advancement in scientific research but also serves as a bridge between conservation, the cosmetic industry, and tourism, ensuring multi-dimensional benefits for the Tunisian, European salt flats, and the communities that surround them.

As Evodevo we are proud to have been part of it!


Here are two of the analyses we’ve done, using the Tableau tool and using our Evodevo Open Process methodology.

Bird infographic in the Tunisian salt pans

Within the scope of the MedArtSal project, we collaborated with our Tunisian partners who collected field data related to the birds found in the Tunisian salt flats.

This data includes both the geographical positions of the bird sightings and the areas of the salt flats of interest.

The infographic representing this information was created using Tableau, a software with which our company, Evodevo, is partnered.

Infographic on the other species present in the Tunisian salt flats

In this infographic that we’ve prepared, we’ve represented not just numbers and statistics, but also geographical information that outlines the distribution of numerous species present in the Tunisian salt flats. These species range from microorganisms such as archaea, chlorophyll-containing organisms, diatoms, dinoflagellates, eubacteria, and viruses, to more complex organisms like invertebrates and vertebrates. We must also not forget the rich vegetation that characterizes these areas.

In addition to the data collected, for many of these species, we have also incorporated images to provide an immediate visual representation. This approach not only allows for a better understanding of the biodiversity of the salt flats but also offers a clear and intuitive view of the species that inhabit these unique environments.

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