JOULE, European project on Data Journalism

Evodevo participates in the European project JOULE on Data Journalism.

JOULE means “data journalism courses for higher Education” and is funded by the European Union in the Eramus plus funds, aimed at education and training.

Evodevo contributes with its experience and expertise on data analysis, infographics and data journalism, on which it collaborated with ANSA, the largest Italian news agency.

The project partners are:

Data Journalism

Data journalism (DJ) represents a rapidly growing experience in HE courses in the European countries and media are beginning to appreciate the use of data, in a systematic and scientific way, for the production of journalistic content.

DJ attempts to combine a technical approach to data based on finding “answers to questions” and the search of patterns and anomalies with the journalistic approach to research “interesting questions”.

DJ represents for journalists the ability to tell otherwise untold stories and to increase confidence in published news; indeed, nowadays the most important news media have their own data newsroom. The use of data analysis and visualization for communication is not limited to journalism in the strict sense, but it concerns the communication in general of both enterprises and institutions promoting transparency and accountability in their relationship with citizens, for instance with social reporting and sustainability reporting. Recent elections have shown the importance of data journalism: Brexit, the Trump election were all blamed on data journalism or tampering with it. Finally, mismatches between what’s happening in war-inflicted regions and pictures covering these events make sure DJ should be a European priority.

Obiettivi del progetto

JOULE aims to design, develop and test a joint blended curriculum in DJ exploiting the partnership from different countries, disciplines and economic sectors (public/private). To this end it puts together a consortium composed by 5 HE Institutions and 2 SME’s to pursue the following specific objectives:

  • The definition of core competencies for any citizen gathering and co-creating their story through the net to raise social awareness (PR1-PR2)
  • To promote a course design process based on a strong attention to accessibility and usability needs to foster social inclusion.
  • The definition of the competencies for a DJ profile in terms of core and job-specific competencies in concrete, measurable terms.
  • The development of new learning and teaching formats and a specific syllabus in collaboration with journalistic and communication companies for a HE curriculum in DJ . The format will be designed to be blended and accessible to people with fewer opportunities.
  • The development of an e-learning environment for the online courses in data journalism

The system will be available to the public free of charge through open licenses ( Open Educational Resources -OER)

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