OpenCoesione Portal: online the new section realised by Evodevo

Scritto da Maria Marchetti

9 January 2017

“Focus scuole”, a new section of the OpenCoesione Portal is online, powered by Evodevo.

OpenCoesione is the Italian portal that presents data about the implementation of funded projects activated by the EU cohesion policy in Italy.

In the new section you can browse and download open data about funded projects activated by the EU cohesion policy and managed by the “Ministero dell’istruzione, dell’università e della ricerca” (MIUR, italian Ministry of University and Education) in the most important Southern Italy regions: Calabria, Campania Puglia and Sicily.
Data have been analyzed via R software.
“Focus scuole” deepens about 94.000 funded projects, from 2007 to 2013, resulting in more than 247.000 actions in Southern Italy schools (as of 30/06/2016).
This new thematic area allows the release of new and relevant Public Administration open data, promoting the data reuse and enhancing transparency on school topics.
It is available on the web the “Pillola di OpenCoesione n. 33“, which presents the results of cohesion policy on education in Southern Italy.

Click here to browse the web page

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