WorldBank considers Evodevo’s project ROMaScuola one of the three best in World for data reuse

Scritto da Stefano De Luca

15 May 2013

Radu Cucos, chief information officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, has recently addressed the problem of the lack of information to support the development of the most important public services. The Open Government Data, writes Cucos Blog of the World Bank, can be an important tool in support of citizens. The data are for the benefit of all if governments undertake to release interoperable data but also up to date, and at the same time promoting the use of this information, using application software within the reach of all. This development model would enable transparent and efficient public school service, enabling citizens to choose the institutions most appropriate to their needs. Not only that, the same institutions would benefit from the publicity of data, increasing their level of transparency and competitiveness in the training programs, encouraging new entries. But what are the best applications that allow access to school data? Among the three best application in the World that Cucos indicated, together with the project of British Columbia and the Government Moldav, check RomaScuola. The best feature that distinguishes our application from the other two, according to Cucos, is the ability to compare institutions through some basic criteria: frequency transfer teachers, connectivity, presence of e-learning tools, voting rates of the students and the absence of any staff. Especially popular are the information on public and private funding institutions and the costs to be incurred by the parents.

RomaScuola is available for free and updated periodically based on data from Ministry of Education and RomaCapitale. If you want to know what does the institution to which you have registered your child or if you are still choosing, take a tour. Share and use this kind of information allows you to exercise your right to know how public money is spent and choose the service that best suits your needs.

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RomaScuola è consultabile gratuitamente e aggiornato periodicamente sulla base dei dati MIUR e di RomaCapitale. Se volete conoscere cosa offre l’istituto al quale avete iscritto vostro figlio o se state ancora scegliendo, fatevi un giro sull’applicativo. Condividere e usare questo genere di informazioni permette di esercitare il diritto di conoscere come vengono spesi i soldi pubblici e scegliere i servizi più adeguati alle proprie esigenze.

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