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Innovation Management and Research & Development to let your business grow

Create new business by continuous innovation

Innovation is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

You can be a startup trying to develop the “new thing” we will want to have, or an established business with a large customer base.

It is time for those who are innovating to do it better and in a more structured way.

It is time for those who have not yet innovated to finally open up to new perspectives.

Innovation can be created within the Research and Development units but it can be also open to all other corporate structures and to the intervention from outside of customers, suppliers and from the territory.

The process can be accelerated using the resources of funded research projects, National and European. 





    What are the levers to act on? They are those of an end-to-end innovation process:

    • Implement an innovation management process
    • Train staff in creativity and innovation
    • Activate open innovation processes
    • Create innovative startups
    • Offer innovative products and services to the market
    • Enter the international market


    Evodevo has a long history of National and European funded research project, as internal projects or for our customers. We can start from an initial idea and evolve it in a viable service or product and then finding funds to turn that idea into reality.

    We are at the centre of a large network of universities, research centres and innovation companies. This large network puts Evodevo in a position to operate on the most different environments, giving a tailored response to the needs and objectives of our customer.

    The researcher that Evodevo puts in place have specific certifications (Innovation Manager recognized by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, University professors,  certified teachers of Mindfulness and MBSR and more).

    Our specialists carry specific professional experiences (innovation, knowledge management, mindfulness, interventions based on psychology and others) and consultancy skills within companies and organisations of all sizes. 

    We can work together with our customers to start an innovation process, including open innovation.


    The service offers innovation management activities, such as the creation of innovation process and innovation governance, hackhatons – short-term innovation events to solve specific problems, startup of a cross-platform web platform for collaboration and prototyping of ideas. Courses on innovation and rapid prototyping complete this offer.

    This service let all the staff of the organisation to be  part of the innovation process: everyone can contribute to creating a new product or service.

    Customers and other stakeholders are involved in a virtuous relationship with the territory in which the organisation operates.


    Evodevo can help you in managing the complexity of a funded research project managing the preliminary research, the development and the financial reporting.


    We can support you in the process from the initial idea to a submission to receive a grant. We can help you in drafting the request, managing the relationships with the funder, looking for useful partners, managing the business plan, integrating all the contributes. Your people will continue to work on the production projects while we help you in building the future. 


    There is lot of hype about new technology, but companies need to have a solid background to invest on them. Evodevo can uses its specialists and its network to searching the right technology for you, assessing its value and defining the path to realistic success.

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