Evodevo will carry out the “STUDY ON THE ETHICS OF BIG DATA” on behalf of the European Economic and Social Committee of the European Union

Scritto da Maria Marchetti

6 July 2016

Evodevo was selected by the European Union’s EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) to carry out the study “STUDY ON THE ETHICS OF BIG DATA: Balancing economic benefits and ethical questions of Big Data in EU policy context“. The study aims to investigate possible solutions to balance the potential of Big Data in terms of economic development with the need to protect human rights, including privacy. The research activity will be structured in two phases: during the first phase the attention will be focused on the analysis of the state of the art on the ethical aspects concerning the development of Big Data, with a subsequent formulation of possible scenarios useful for achieving the objective of balancing the usefulness of Big Data in economic terms and their possible negative impact on fundamental human rights, to be submitted, in the second phase, to the stakeholders (public bodies, large companies, academia) of the various EU countries.

European Economic and Social Committee

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