The LiMo ontology for OpenData licensing

Scritto da Stefano De Luca

20 May 2013

Three months after the Open Data day Italy, MISM group (Conceptual models, Semantic Interoperability and Metadata) published the first ontology for OpenData licenses. The LiMo, designed and built by Andrea Raimondi Evodevo, Silvia Mazzini and Chiara Veninata of the Central Archives of the State, has the purpose to make uniform the allocation of licenses through a controlled vocabulary that specifies, for each model legal, conditions of use, distribution and publication of open public resources. In addition to providing an abstract scheme of organization of legal resources, the LiMo has already brought together, in this first version, the major OpenData licenses, described through the FOAF vocabulary, DC and VOID and integrated with existing references (as in the case of Creative Commons and Eurovoc).

The LiMo allows you to define data within their conditions of use in a clear and reusable way, on the other hand providing a working basis for the representations of the legal requirements and criteria to be associated with open government data.

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