Evodevo presenta la propria soluzione Open Data a LOD2014 – W3C Italy

Scritto da Stefano De Luca

21 February 2014

Evodevo participated in the LOD2014, organized by W3C-Italy on the occasion of the Open Data Day, focused on the state of the Linked Open Data in Italy.

The event, which focused on the experiences and tools used in the field of LOD, was chosen for the presentation of “Stars Factory”, a plug-in for the Evodevo Open Data Ground a platform for management and displaying of open data.

“Stars Factory” allows the semi-automatic conversion of tables into multidimensional OLAP semantic OWL format, adopting the RDF Data Cube vocabulary, recommended by the W3C.

The plug-in will populate the ontological model, composed of dimensions, measures and attributes (components which define tables), inserting data from the corresponding crosstabs, following a positional logic.

The final output of “Stars Factory” is a graph consisting of the ontology structure (T -BOX modeled with RDF Data Cube Vocabulary) enriched with data (A- BOX) and metadata describing the crosstab.

Trivia: The name “Stars Factory” is due to the explosion of “little stars “, i.e. the individual cells of the crosstab, defined as Observations by the RDF Data Cube. Go to the LOD 2014 presentation.

From left to right, Claudia Corcione and Paola De Caro – Evodevo

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