Evodevo supports Policlinico Gemelli in the innovation of processes

Evodevo has completed a research project for the optimisation of health processes at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. Through advanced techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system created allows to predict access to critical resources by integrating the results into a decision support system capable of supporting effective planning.

The project was divided into three phases:

  • understanding of requirements, including analysis of social and human aspects;
  • testing of a forecasting model based on artificial intelligence;
  • experimentation of a decision-making system via dashboard.

To create the algorithms, open source products were used in the form of the Python and R languages, also using the collaborative system Colab by Google in order to work together with the data scientists of the Polyclinic and verify together the correctness of the results produced and their effectiveness for the purposes of optimization.

For data discovery we used the Tableau product, of which Evodevo has been a partner and reseller for years, which allowed us to create rapid prototyping and the ability to integrate all the results into interactive dashboards designed to be used by executives to better understand the dynamics in progress and knowing future behavior predictions.

The project made it possible to use the Evodevo design methodology, based on the agile SCRUM methodology and on the Evodevo Open Process certified data processing process. The process involves a strong collaboration with end users in order to produce not only valid and state-of-the-art results, but also results that have a concrete impact on process innovation, simplifying the working method and allowing to expand the possibilities. also available by creating totally new services.

The results obtained are actually much more advanced than those proposed by the scientific literature and in fact we are considering publishing a joint scientific article between Evodevo and Policlinico Gemelli.

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