Ideare and Evodevo together for an innovation project

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1 June 2016

 and Evodevo have realized the research project “Sviluppo dei moduli net2space e know2space ad integrazione della piattaforma ref e dei moduli complementari di Evodevo Sasuke – Classifier” (Development of modules net2space and know2space and integration of the platform ref and modules of Evodevo Sasuke Classifier”) funded by Lazio Innova S.p.A. , protocol #FILAS-CR2011-1354 – CUP F85C13001550007.

With the funding, Evodevo integrated its product Evodevo Sasuke Classifier with the creation of two new modules:

  • integration with the facility management product ref2space by IdeaRe;
  • access to generic data, including Facebook ones.

and research activities on geocoding,  geographical visualization, NoSQL database and Hadoop platforms.

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