Evodevo participates at the Opendata Day in Rome

Scritto da Stefano De Luca

23 February 2013

Evodevo partecipated at the roman event of Internation Opendata Day.

The past 23th of February the capital became the hub of several different meetings and workshop all over the country. Opendata Day Italia has been a well-thought out coordination of activities between think-thank, public administrations, volunteer associations and citizens. Within the event a consistent released of public data was made via new datastores: The Italian Senate, Venice, Trento, Puglia and Bolzano, whose project is strictly linked to geodataset. The focus of the meeting was on the conditions and the possibilities of a data market expansion, seen as an important step in order to sustaining the Italian economy. Evodevo has collaborated to the agenda, rich of talks and keynotes, both on business model for opendata and semantic interoperability’s standard for data quality implementation and publication’s processes.Stefano De Luca – Il punto di vista delle imprese from opendataday

Stefano De Luca shows how to follow few guidelines in the opendata business models development, starting from the values of public data for Italian ICT market. Enterprises, in the opendata ecosystem, represent not just a forge for products and services innovations, but as an essential element in the development of a transparency-driven citizenship. Transparency, as a core framework of the new administrative reorganization of Italian institutional ecosystem, dispose toward an ethical form of economy only if technology solutions follow through data culture and communication.

This cultural spread depends on the emergence of a market’s demand for public data, based on the expressed preferences of the citizenship and on a new alliance between public sector and enterprises. The aim of this coordination is to bolster the institutional structure toward an expansion of the civic innovation, beyond the limits of the ecological niche of opendata.

The alliance mentioned above follow through a reciprocal exchange between administrative needs and the experience of valuable experts whose aim is to assist in the quality production and publicity of public data. Andrea Raimondi has presented a survey within MISM’s activity –conceptual models, semantic interoperability and metadata. Composed by the first part on knowledge extraction and a second of ontology modeling, its aim is to support opendata business models’ development by canalizing the market in direction of product-valuable data, legally guaranteed by the openness of licenses. The suitable ecosystem for SME’s and start-up’s development must be an adapted ecosystem for the business needs. The use of open licenses enable to transform data-business from an simple habit to a regulated practice.Andrea Raimondi – LimoOntology from opendataday

This process must be beared by common standard for knowledge representation. LiMo ontology can bear, from a semantic point of view, public data management, defying both use-conditions and distribution-conditions metadata attached to the resource. The applying of those legal standard to the semantic level enable a better selection of usefull data for marketplace distribution and economy, as well as new ICT innovative solutions and services brought about by citizenship’s needs.

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