Evodevo attended the Event “Data Driven Life” held by the European Data Protection Supervisor

On 18 May Evodevo attended the Data Driven Life workshop, organized by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). It has been a good opportunity to listen interesting presentations and meet European colleagues and experts of this topic. We discussed on ethics in health and medical research, in economy and in the development of smart cities.

It was an opportunity to listen to very interesting presentations and to discuss the topic with European colleagues. There has been talk of data ethics in the field of medicine and medical research, in the economy, in politics and in the creation of smart cities.

Stefano De Luca posed the problem of the need for an increase in people’s awareness of the use of their data, invoking a common effort between companies and universities, led by the European Union. An exchange with the philosopher of information ethics Luciano Floridi has made it possible to underline this need for an expanded knowledge of what it means to live a “life guided by data”, as the title of the event states.

On the EDPS’s website, it’s available the recording of the event http://bit.ly/2rFwVje

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