Conference LinkedAlbano 21/02/2014

Scritto da Maria Marchetti

21 February 2014

Imagine that you want to know the data about library users, or how many accidents are occurring on our roads; data about antennas measurements, city balance, how many dogs are housed in the kennel, how many people where fined by the Municipal Police and how many economic contributions have been paid by the Social Services… statistical data completely filterable by subject, date, and “rating” (users opinion). All downloadable in different electronic formats.

The introduction of the Albano City Mayor, Nicola Marini

Knowledge is a common good. On the basis of this principle the City of Albano Laziale, in the province of Rome, founded a policy of data transparency and accessibility, providing to all citizens, businesses, associations, the opportunity to take advantage of open data for studies, analysis, application development, and more, without having to ask permission or pay anything.

There will be a section, in the Albano Laziale Municipality Portal, dedicated to Open Data displaying all the data that are not bound by law (for privacy restrictions, copyright or other publication limits) so that are directly usable on a computer.

Some of the speaker at the conference – Evodevo Speakers: Stefano De Luca, CEO of Evodevo and Erika Fabiano, data manager for the LinkedAlbano project

The first data release is partial and will be increased and updated constantly, in view of ongoing development. Anyone can join the construction of this large database.

The participation of our community to the Open Data program is the final step to a level of almost total transparency and represents a further step towards the “Participatory budgeting”, a time when citizens will decide how to use certain items of expenditure.

Stefano De Luca, CEO of Evodevo, during his presentation

The first data release was on the occasion of the Open Data Day during the presentation event at the Noble Hall of Palazzo Savelli on February 2nd, 2014.

The event was a great success, as evidenced by the following articles appeared on major newspapers:

 Il Messaggero

Il Comune va su Internet la città dà i numeri
Articolo di Enrico Valentini – MSGR – 11 METROPOLIT – 45 – 22/02/14-N

Castelli Notizie

Albano – Il Comune si dà alla trasparenza mettendo in Rete i propri dati. Marini: “al top in Italia”

Meta Magazine

Open Data, Albano libera i dati in giornata trasparenza

Il Mamilio
Albano, Open Data: partito il progetto per la trasparenza dei dati. Ma proprio tutti

Il Cittadino

ALBANO – Accelerata verso la trasparenza totale. Soddisfatto Marini: “i migliori in Italia per dati pubblicati”

Interview the the Albano’s Data Officer

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