Evodevo at SITIC Africa 2018

The third edition of the International Information and Communication Technologies Exhibition dedicated to Africa “Sitic Africa 2018” was held in Tunis at the Exhibition Park of Kram. The event aims to promote knowledge of African Information and Communication Technologies (ICT / ICT) in the various economic sectors: agriculture, industry and services, as well as to attract western companies interested in partnership in Tunisia and Africa. The show included B2B meetings, forums and workshops.

Evodevo participated, the only Italian exhibitor, in the 2018 edition of SITIC Africa, to promote partnerships and commercial exchanges in the field of ICT products and services and to evaluate its own presence in Tunisia.

We had the opportunity to meet many professionals operating in the most diverse fields, from finance to communications, from logistics to web services.

We are excited to extend our market and offer our products and services in Africa, starting from Tunisia, where we have found great interest in our services and excellent business prospects.

A special thanks to all the Tunisian people for the particularly warm welcome.

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