Evo develops API INPS for Open Data

Scritto da Maria Marchetti

30 April 2013

Evodevo contributed to the creation of the first API specifications of the National Institute of Social Security. The API allows a more agile and efficient access to information resources of the Institute, with the aim to promote projects, surveys and views based on OpenData.

The first version defines 2 parameters, aligned with the standard CKAN, through which you can call the whole datacatalog or get metadata and deployment resources (for each size) of each dataset displayed on the site INPS OpenData. Next to the first two REST-based parameters, APIs allow to obtain a complete whole bulk datacatalog and data present in it. The Bulk download, designed and built by a model of Linked JSON (JSON-LD), returns a semantically structured file (using the FOAF vocabulary, DC and DCAT) and is organized around the metadata of the datasets, both in relation to the data. The call status, always in JSON API returns information about the currently active version, the download count of bulk and relative size. They also define the information on the frequency of updating the datacatalog in both human-readable, both in cron for a more comfortable recurring schedule command in the Unix environment. The APIs are INPS been developed in line with the recommendations drawn up by the G8 with the Opendata Charter, for which Evodevo was selected as the Italian company of excellence in the field of open data.

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