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Nowadays all the organisations have lot of data coming from internal process, sales,  contacts with the customers, hits from the websites and lot and lot more. The use of sensors and IoT (Internet of the Things) can rapidly let to have billions of informations. There are lot of  documents as well, from the inside such as technical reports, meeting minutes or from the web and the social networks.


What we can do can all these data? Everyday we read that big companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix are able to precisely understand their customers and implement sales strategies and orient the marketing process exactly analysing all the available data.

It is natural to ask if this is possible for our organisation as well. 

Evodevo can help you! 



    Using Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Statistics, Evodevo is able to find anomalies, opportunities, patterns and correlations within your data, supporting you in forecasting and to improve the decision making process. In this way, you can use this information to increase revenues, cut costs, improve customer relationships, reduce risks, improve the innovation process and more.


    This is the role of Evodevo: making a need assessment, selecting internal and external data, organising and analysing data with technique such as data discovery, data mining, text mining, machine learning  with the goal of understanding the real facts about your organisation, the evolution in the time, risks and opportunities. In brief, we will develop a decision support system able to help you to know, optimise and guide your job. 

    We can introduce a new way of working based on data-driven decisions, giving you the possibility to analyse the data by yourself, providing you with self-serve software than you can use to look to your data based knowledge and creating new analyses.

    We will follow you with a process based on:

    • real understanding of your needs and requisites;
    • analysis of your software, databases, existing data warehouse and other data sources;
    • implementation of a prototype answering the most important needs;
    • training in order to let you use the developed analyses;
    • training in order let you to become independent in creating new analyses. 


    Evodevo is partner of Tableau, Oracle and SAS, so we can use products from these companies. We are also expert of open source languages (such as R, Python) and software. We have a strong expertise in dealing with big data using platforms such as Hadoop or Spark and the semantic databases. 


    Artificial Intelligence techniques are able to  enhance decision support analysing and understanding data trends, providing forecasts, quantifying uncertainty and risks, anticipating the user’s data needs, suggesting the best answers to the organisation’s life.


    Data mining is the exploration and analysis of large amount of data to discover patterns, trend and rules hidden in the data. Using machine learning, the algorithms can learn to identify and classify data (such as the risk level, labelling different classes of items etc.), to predict time trends, recognise outliers and anomalies and much more.


    Data discovery is the collection and analysis of data from heterogeneous sources to gain insight from hidden patterns and trends. This can be done using data visualisation tools in order to quickly identify relevant knowledge, to be further explored. 


    For our customers, we used data analysis and discover to create:

    • Decision Support Systems in order to chose the right marketing actions.
    • Intelligent management control to cut costs and identify anomalies.
    • Build reputation dashboard in order to understand customer issues on a web site and social networks.
    • Investigation system for fight against crime.
    • Automatic classification of documents in order to improve search.
    • Optimisation of drug logistics in hospitals.
    • Improve Quality KPIs

    and much more.

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