Corporate Social Responsibilty

Empower your employees, make your stakeholders happy!

A new perspective to focus on people, environment, stakeholders

The world was already changing: now, the world has changed.

The focus on profits and investors is no longer enough: customers want to be part of the company, they want to feel that there is an ethical core beneath the services and products.

Sustainable development, circular economy, attention to stakeholders: these are the keys to the success of companies.

Managing corporate social responsibility programs allows you to increase brand value and be closer to your customers.








    CSR actions let your organisation to increase the attractiveness of talents, the loyalty of employees and increase their performance.

    By combining marketing, innovation and attention to stakeholders, new ethical business lines can be launched and customers can be recognized as innovators and partners in what matters most: life.


      Evodevo is your partner to find opportunities to leverage your points of strengths and to build relationships to express your social value inside and outside your company.
      We can help you in:

      • designing a CSR strategy and implement it,
      • enhancing employees and customers engagement,
      • working with NGOs and government in mixed projects,
      • implementing a communication strategy, monitoring and
      • evaluating the CSR projects.

      We can support you with stress and burn out reduction initiatives based on Mindfulness, training on Non-Violent Communication, Active Listening and Effective Communication.


      The service offers innovation management activities, such as the creation of innovation process and innovation governance, hackhatons – short-term innovation events to solve specific problems, startup of a cross-platform web platform for collaboration and prototyping of ideas. Courses on innovation and rapid prototyping complete this offer.

      This service let all the staff of the organisation to be  part of the innovation process: everyone can contribute to creating a new product or service.

      Customers and other stakeholders are involved in a virtuous relationship with the territory in which the organisation operates.


      Our Mindfulness based initiatives provide a training of the mind of the participants, making them more focused, present and aware of what they are doing.

      People who have undergone Mindfulness training are more effective at work and have a higher level of health and happiness. This way everyone wins: the worker, his colleagues, his customers and his organisation.

      We offer standard MBSR 8-weeks courses and customised interventions, also on one-to-one basis.


      We offer engaging workshops on effective communication, non-violent communication, active listening. They are practice-oriented with creative sessions in order to learn and interiorise the key elements.

      The goal is the recognition and development of empathy and non-violent communication as best practice for the appreciation of differences and best practices for collaboration in the workplace.


      We help you in collecting data, reporting and writing the social report, the sustainability social report. Using the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative standard, interactive infographics and a clear and bright communication, we can enhance your internal and external communication.

      We can train you in all the aspects of social reporting.


      Global Compact- We support


      Evodevo supports thePer saperne di più sul Global Compact  initiative with the implementation in its activities of the ten principles on human rights, work, environment and anti-corruption policy.



      Evodevo is working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Africa to support start-ups,  gender equality, well-being and raising the quality of education. 




      We offer free training on Mindfulness (MBSR – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to NGOs and hospitals. 

      We support Mindfulness and meditation no-profit initiatives of our employees, such as that of  


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