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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Leader in innovation and ethical services  

Evodevo is an innovation company specialised in research, innovation and new way to understand customers and business using state of the art scientific results of artificial intelligence, data analysis and social analysis.

Evodevo is at centre of a wide international network of universities, research centres and innovation companies. 

Evodevo offers consultancy and training for organisations that want to improve their performances offering a data-centric model which integrates technology and digital humanities. 

Evodevo is strongly oriented to ethical services and offers services of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on open innovation and mindfulness based actions and training.



Big data and Artificial Intelligence

Understand your business with data-driven and science based approaches . Intelligent techniques to help you in making decisions

Innovation and Research 

Research projects, open innovation, challenges to raise and promote the innovation in your organisation 

CSR and Mindfulness

Corporate Social Responsibility with a definite flavour of corporate wellness and promotion of creativity and innovation 

We work together

Our approach is working together with our customers, shoulder-to-shoulder, sharing goals, ideals, successes.
We at Evodevo are your enablers that you can trust for ethical approach, state of the art innovation, ability to drive to the success complex projects.

Stefano De Luca – CEO Evodevo



We offer tailored solutions to enterprises: discover what data analysis, artificial intelligence, research and innovation and CSR can do for you 


We can support government in research projects, opening their data helping to keep in touch with citizens and organisations. We can help you in managing the wellness of employees 


System Integrators

We can work on complex projects managed by system integrator introducing innovation and research based approaches. 

Our Customers

Our customers are the most important Italian and European Government agencies and medium to large Enterprises. 

We work with Government agencies such as European Commission, Italian Prime Minister’s Office, National Insurance Institute, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, research centres, Police forces and many others. We work with private enterprises such as Trelleborg, Infocert and many others.